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Ukrainian Freedom Bandana

Ukrainian Freedom Bandana

🇺🇦 100% of proceeds go to support Transform a Street Dog

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Size Chart

Small:  17.5x17.5x25.5", fits necks up to 19"

Large: 21x21x29.5, fits necks up to 25"

Refer to size chart for more information

The Freedom Bandana is your new gorgeous accessory that helps support dogs affected by the war in Ukraine. All profits go to Transform a Street Dog Organization, that's doing incredible work supporting dogs in Ukraine 💛💙
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How You're Helping

Transform a Street Dog is dedicated to working around the clock (literally) to do everything they can to help animal owners and animals in Ukraine to escape the war.

  • 🇺🇦 Evacuation

    Evacuated and are still in the process of evacuating hundreds of cats and dogs. This includes shelters, kennels, and foster homes, and from locked homes.

  • 🇺🇦 Support System

    Partnered with other animal groups in neighboring European countries to deliver dogs to safety and to find them homes.

  • 🇺🇦 Supplies

    Supplied food to shelters, foster homes, and kennels. Collecting supplies from borders and transporting them to areas in need.

  • 🇺🇦 Rescue

    Rescuing abandoned dogs, hamsters, Guinea pigs, and pet mice from cages left around the city.

Inside The Effort To Get Animals Out Of Ukraine

You're making a difference

Support The Cause

Since Russian invasion in Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainian civilians have been killed and millions have fled to other countries, and the real numbers are much, much higher. But the war has also severily affected Ukrainian animals. In the desperate rush to flee war, many of those animals were left behind by their owners. We have partnered with Transform a Street Dog to raise money and awareness about dogs that need our help. 100% of the profits of The Freedom Bandana will go towards supporting Transorm a Srteet Dog's Mission.

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About Transform A Street Dog

Transform a Street Dog is focused on protecting street dogs from being inhumanely killed on the streets of Ukraine and finding them loving homes. The process of transforming a street dog into a house pet is life changing and rewarding for the dog and owner. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine they have switched gears to evacuating as many animals as possible so that shelter owners, mini-shelters, and pet owners can also evacuate.


About Ukrainian Freedom Bandana


Small:  17.5x17.5x25.5", fits necks up to 19"

Large: 21x21x29.5, fits necks up to 25"

Refer to size chart for more information

Key benefits

  • Fashion accessory: Bandanas come in various patterns and sizes, allowing you to add style and show off your dog's personality.
  • Keep your dog cool: Wetting the bandana and tying it around your dog's neck during summer can keep them cool, as the evaporating water helps to reduce their body temperature. Be sure to use light-colored bandanas that reflect sunlight.
  • Bug prevention: A bandana can act as a makeshift bug collar. You can spray a pet-friendly natural bug repellent on it, which not only repels bugs but also protects sensitive parts such as the neck and chest from bites and scratches. Plus, it's easier to wash a bandana than give your dog a bath.
  • Safe hiking: A brightly colored bandana can make your dog more visible if they wander off during a hike. It also helps protect their chest and neck from scratches when walking through thick brush or tall grass.


100% soft poly


Avoid using fabric softener or bleach when washing the bandana.If you’re machine washing, use the “gentle” cycle and a mesh bag.Don’t overstuff the washing machine.Air-dry whenever possible to avoid shrinking and stretching.Use a cool iron if needed.While our bandanas are 100% machine washable and dryer-friendly, gentle care will extend their lifespan.


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