Collection: Dog Bandanas

 BARKLOOM bandanas are here! We hand-pick patterns and the highest quality materials and bring unique dog accessories collections every season. Fall in love with the style and quality of our bandanas! All of the accessories are long-lasting and machine-washable, and we strive to merge fashion with function.

  • ⛰️ Outdoor Fun

    Bandanas can keep your dog from getting sunburned. Sunburn is more likely to happen on dogs with white or pale-colored coats

  • 🐞 Bug Prevention

    By spraying your bandana with bug and flea repellent, it may be used as a flea collar! This way, it serves to protect your pup from bugs while you're out and about - just remember to choose dog-friendly natural repellents.

  • ☀️ Overheating Control

    For hot summer days, keep your dog's bandana wet in cold water. The evaporating water will help to keep them cool!

  • 💎 Fashion Statement

    Of course, one of the best reasons to put a bandana on your dog is for fashion! Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just want your pup to look cute, a bandana is a perfect accessory.