What Does Dog Wearing Bandana Mean? (It's Not Just For Style!)

What Does Dog Wearing Bandana Mean? (It's Not Just For Style!)

Most people think that dogs only wear bandanas for style. However, there is actually a lot more to it than that! Dog bandanas can serve many different purposes for dogs, from functional to decorative. We've gathered some of the most common reasons why do dogs wear bandanas.

Why Do Dogs Wear Bandanas?


There are many reasons why dogs might wear bandanas. For some dogs, it's purely functional - they need the bandana to help them with a specific task. For other dogs, the bandana is more of a fashion statement. And still, others might wear bandanas for a mix of both reasons. Here are some reasons to put a bandana on your dog:

  1. To protect your dog's neck from the sun - dogs can get sunburned just like humans, and a bandana can help to protect their sensitive skin from the harmful UV rays.
  2. To help keep your dog cool - dogs pant to regulate their body temperature, and a wet bandana can help to keep them cool on hot days.
  3. To help keep your dog warm - on the flip side, a bandana can also help to keep your dog warm on cold days.
  4. To help keep your dog calm - some dogs get anxious in certain situations, such as during a storm or fireworks. Wearing a bandana can help to calm them down.
  5. To help keep your dog safe - if your dog is ever lost, a bandana with your contact information on it can help to ensure that they are returned to you safely. Additionally, it makes it easier to spot your pup in a crowd.
  6. To stand out from the crowd - let's face it, bandanas are pretty stylish! If you want your dog to stand out from the pack, put a bandana on them.
  7. Another important reason is that bandanas can be used as a signal to other dog owners and people around. Different colors can send different messages.

You can read detailed information about the beneficial use of a bandana in our article - 7 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Wear a Bandana.

Red Dog Bandana

A red dog bandana can signal "do not approach/approach with caution".  This is usually for dogs who are aggressive or in training. When you see a dog wearing a red bandana, it could also mean it's a service dog and red is to let others know that the pup is "on the job" and shouldn't be approached.

Orange Dog Bandana

An orange dog bandana can be used to signal that the dog is not good with other dogs.  This is helpful to know for dog owners when they are out on a walk.  Orange is also the universal color for hunting dogs, so if you see a dog wearing an orange bandana it's best to keep your distance.

Green Dog Bandana

A green dog bandana can be a great signal that your dog is friendly with everyone! It's a great way to let other dog owners know that it's okay to approach. Whether you're at the dog park or out on a hike, a green bandana is a great way to make some new furry friends.

Blue Dog Bandana


A blue dog bandana can signal that the dog is a working dog or in training. A dog wearing a blue bandana might be letting you know to not approach the dog while they are working. When you see a dog in blue, it's best to give them some space.

White Dog Bandana

A white dog bandana can signal that a dog has a disability like blindness or deafness.  This is important so that people can be more understanding if the dog isn't responding to them. A dog with a disability can still enjoy life to the fullest and a white bandana is a great way to let others know how to best approach the pup.

Yellow Dog Bandana

A yellow dog bandana can be a sign that the pup tends to get nervous or anxious. A dog wearing a yellow bandana might need a little extra time to warm up to new people and situations, so definitely chat with the owner if you want to approach to make the situation as comfortable to the dog as possible.

Dog Bandana Colors - Conclusion

We outlined some of the most common reasons why do people put bandanas on dogs, and gave you an insight into the meaning of the dog bandana colors. While a lot of people do use this color code, there are also a lot of fun dog bandana patterns out there that owners use, that don't necessarily have a meaning behind them. So, if you see a dog wearing a bandana, make sure to ask the owner before approaching,  so you can make sure everyone remains safe and comfortable!

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