7 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Wear a Bandana

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Wear a Bandana

I can't think of anything cuter than a dog picture, and of course, many of us use all kinds of props and accessories for the photoshoots. Bandanas are a great way to add a little personality to your pup, but did you know bandanas are not just about cuteness? Here are seven reasons why do dogs wear bandanas!

1. Stylish Dog Bandana as a Fashion Accessory

Yup, of course so many of us will point to this as reason #1 - and we don't blame you!  There are just so many options when it comes to stylish dog bandanas, from patterns to sizes. It's such a great way to show off your pup's personality and make them look even more stylish.


2. Wear a Bandana to Keep Your Dog Cool

Hold on a second...won't extra layers of fabric make my dog HOTTER? Well...not if you do it right. Grab this great tip for the summer months: wetting down the bandana and tying it around your dog's neck will turn it into dog cooling bandana - perfect for those long walks or days spent playing in the park:

  1. Take the bandana and wet it in water (ice cold water is best, but anything will do)
  2. Tie it around your dog's neck, but make sure it's not too right (you should be able to fit two fingers under it)
  3. Make sure the largest part of the bandana covers your dog's chest
  4. Bandanas with white and light-colored elements are best for this since they reflect the sun and don't heat up as much.
  • That's it! Evaporating cool water will keep your dog cooler on a hot day!

Be careful during peak heat hours and temperatures over 90 degrees and watch for symptoms of overheating. Wearing a bandana to keep your dog cool might not be enough on extra hot days. Check out BARKLOOM's complete guide on having fun in the sun with your pup!

3. Dog Bandana Can Help With Bug Prevention

We don't want our furry friends to suffer from bug bites any more than we do, and a bandana can actually help you take care of your dog's health. If you're going to be in an area with lots of mosquitoes or other flying pests, consider using a bandana as a makeshift bug collar. Grab a bottle of a natural bug repellent (made specifically for pets), and spray the bandana.

  • Bandana will now act as a bug collar, repelling nasty bugs and mosquitos
  • It's much easier to just wash the bandana when you get home instead of bathing your dog to get rid of the repellent scent
  • Bandana will also serve as a physical barrier to protect sensitive parts such as the neck and chest from bug bites and scratches.

4. Bandana Helps to Have a Safe Hike With a Dog


This is a great tip for all you hikers out there! If you're worried about your dog getting lost on the trail, consider tying a bright-colored bandana around their neck. That way, if they do wander off, you can quickly spot them against all the foliage. Plus, if you're walking through a thick brush or tall grass,  the bandana will help protect their chest and neck from scratches.

5. Bandana Makes Your Dog Look Friendly and Calm

If you're going to be in a situation where your dog might seem a little bit intimidated - such as the vet or groomer - consider tying a bandana around their neck. It's a great way to help them look calm and friendly, even if they're not feeling their best. Dog anxiety bandana is also a thing - have your pup wear one that says "I bite" or "Stay Away" - a dog wearing a bandana like that will be super helpful for strangers trying to pet/interact with the dog.

6. Wearing a Dog Bandana - Guarantee Late Night Safety

No matter what color your bandana is, it will help make your dog more visible at night. If you're going to be out walking after dark, consider putting a reflective dog bandana on your pup so cars can spot them more easily. Those bandanas reflect light (from car headlights, for example) and make the bandana "glow"  - making your dog much easier to see. You can even buy bandanas that have actual lights built into them! If you're going on a walk late, especially if the area is not well-lit, always have reflective or glowing elements on your dog's gear, it can save your and your dog's life.

There are endless ways to use a bandana, and we've only scratched the surface. So next time you're at the park or out

7. Convey a Warning To Other Dog Owners

Just like in case of anxiety, dog bandanas can be used for all kinds of different messages.  If your dog is not good with other pups, put a dog waring bandana on them that says "Do Not Pet" or "I'm in Training". It will be a visual cue to other dog owners that they should not approach your dog. If you're not comfortable having strangers pet your dog, this is a great way to avoid those awkward situations. You may have seen other dogs with bandanas like that at dog parks or pet stores.

If your puppy is not fully vaccinated or socialized, a bandana can be used to let others know. Any dog owner will understand that your pup is not ready to meet other dogs or humans.


To sum it up, apart from being a gorgeous accessory, dog bandanas are a great way to protect your pup from the sun, bugs, and awkward moments! They can help you convey a message to other dog owners, and make your dog more visible at night or out on your walks. Go ahead and get your pup a bandana - they'll love the new accessory :)

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