Taking Dog on Vacation: 10 Must-Pack Items & Travel Tips

While planning a trip, there’s always a rush: you decide what clothes to pick, what docs to take, and what things to bring with you. But how about taking your dog on vacation? Yeah, your four-legged buddy can come too, besides, they'll be the perfect companion! If you are going to start the journey with your pet, make sure you’ve taken everything needed. In this article, we will share the packing list for traveling with dogs and some useful tips!

10 Must-Pack Items: packing list for traveling with dogs

What to pack for your dog on vacation? Don’t worry — we have created a checklist of the most important items. While packing things, it’s easy to forget about some basic stuff like a leash, harnesses, and so on. To avoid this, write down the list of necessary things and check your bag before departure.

TIP: Make sure to bring a bag with you and check that it's the right size (especially if you traveling by plane with dog).

  • Vaccination information and other health records

To travel with your dog, you will need to bring pup's paperwork. It has no mug shot and paw prints but contains the info about your pet’s vaccination and confirms that your pup is healthy. Bring all the health records of your dog!

If traveling across the country without crossing the borders, these docs will not be required, but we do recommend taking them with you just in case. Besides, some hotels and resorts require vaccination records.

  • GPS tracker or a tag

While traveling cross-country with a dog, take care of placing a GPS tracker on your pup — it will help to find them if they're lost. Fix it securely so that the tracker does not get lost. 

Make sure your pup is microchipped - the chip contains a specific identification number that matches to your contact information. In case your pet is lost, animal shelter workers will scan the microchip and contact you immediately.

The other option is a tag that contains detailed travel information about you and your dog, including your address and phone number. The tag is easier to spot by people passing by.

  • Pet first aid kit

How to take your dog on vacation? Pet parents know that such a trip requires a first aid kit for the pup. You can purchase the ready-made kits in the stores or pack the medications by yourself according to your dog’s needs. A kit should include:

  1. Gauze (pads, rolls, bandages);
  2. Tape;
  3. Antiseptic;
  4. Adsorbents;
  5. Hydrogen peroxide;
  6. Laxative products;
  7. Antispasmodics;
  8. Antipyretic products;
  9. Pet’s medical records.

You may also add some things like scissors, gloves, sedatives, and so on. Don’t forget about bottled water in the right quantities based on the duration of the trip.

  • Dog bed or blanket for your pup to lie on

To make sure your dog can chill and take a nap in a comfy place, bring heir bed with you. But how to travel by car with a dog? In this case, you can take towels, blankets, or car seat covers to prevent the mess.

The approved dog carrier will be necessary too: for air travel, it’s a must! 

  • Dog food & water

Your furry friend loves to snack on the go too! Bring enough food for them, including dry or fresh meals, and plenty of water. We suggest bringing travel water dispensers with you, especially on car trips, which will prevent water from splashing around the car.

Traveling with large dogs by car may require breaks and stops for your pup to stretch, eat up the food, and relieve themself (small dogs too, of course!).

To make a vacation with your dog really great, bring plenty of treats: it can be jerky, chews, beef treats, bully sticks, and so on. Whether you’re looking for a healthy snack to keep your pup happy and energized - discover our BARKLOOM Bites Dog Treats that are made with organic ingredients in the USA, has USDA ORGANIC certification. We offer several different flavors: Salmon treatsLamb and Flaxseed dog treatsTurkey & Sweet Potato dog treatsChicken Jerky Treats.

Remember to avoid table foods because they can be dangerous for your companion. For example, dogs should not eat avocados, chocolate, certain kinds of nuts, onion-family veggies, and other foods.

  • Favorite toy or bone

While being trapped in a plane or car, you often need to keep yourself busy. So do dogs! To get rid of excess energy and help your furry friend relax and chill, give your pup’s favorite toys or bones to chew.

  • The cutest dog bandana

What vacation can do without taking pics? To capture the moments, bring a camera or your phone with you, and don’t forget about the accessories for your dog: the bandana will be the best decision! 

It’s easy to put on and take off, it fits in your pocket, and it makes your pup stylish and fashionable! Discover Barkloom dog bandanas and choose the one you love. 

P.S. You can pick several bandanas to dress up your pup for different occasions!

  • A leash

Yeah, while packing things it’s easy to forget about the most important part — a leash! Without it, you will only be able to visit off-the-leash parks and will have to avoid most places.

TIP: The safest way to travel with a dog is to use the harnesses — they are much comfier for your pup, do not restrict their movements, and provide better control.

  • Poop bags

We don’t want to leave a messy trail behind, right? Use the poop bags to always clean after your pup. By the way, in some states and countries, it's prohibited for dogs to relieve themselves on the sidewalks or in other public places.

Best Tips For Traveling With Dogs

Buckle up your pet. What is the easiest way to travel with a dog? By car, of course! You can stop at any time wherever you need. The safety tips if traveling by car include the need for pet seat belts that will secure the pup and prevent injuries in case of car accidents.

When can puppies travel by car? After the vaccination against most common diseases (two weeks after the second round of injections).

When can puppies travel by plane? Dogs should be at least eight weeks old and have been weaned for at least five days, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Each airline might have specific rules and regulations about traveling, so check before going!

Look for dog-friendly places. The world is full of dog-friendly places, such as hotels, parks, resorts, etc. Find suitable sites to chill or take a nap with your beloved friend!

P.S. Most hotels charge an additional fee for your dog’s accommodation. Instead of paying more, look for hotels that do not charge any fees, like Kimpton, etc.

Take some short trips before a long one. Your pet should get used to cars and planes, and taking short small trips is the solution! Use the plane or car for up to 1-2 hours at first, and with time, it will be easier to travel together on long flights/journeys.

Let your pup acclimate. Same as people, dogs also need to acclimate after long trips or traveling to other countries in other time zones. To do so, make sure your buddy goes potty before entering the hotel, give them time to explore the area and chill a bit, don’t leave your pup alone, and cheer them up using toys and treats!

Get ready for the worst, but expect the best. To avoid accidents and be ready for any situation, find the nearest vet hospital and find out its working hours, bring all the medications that can be necessary, remember the route to your home or overnight place, and research the nearest pet shop to buy necessities for your pet. 

Plan your trip carefully, take all the necessary things, and don't forget to have fun! Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

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