Dogs to Love Project - Helping Dogs in Ukraine

We are excited to introduce BARKLOOM's Dogs to Love Project as our commitment to supporting pups in need with everything we do. From donating a portion of proceeds to dog rescues and shelters to partnering with local businesses to hosting adoption events – we are dedicated to bringing better lives to pups in need.

Today, we're helping dogs in Ukraine affected by the war.

Since Russian invasion in Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainian civilians have been killed and over 4 million have fled to other countries, and the real numbers are much, much higher. But the war has also severely affected Ukrainian animals. In the desperate rush to flee war, many of those animals were left behind by their owners. We have partnered with Transform a Street Dog to raise money and awareness about dogs that need our help. 100% of the profits of The Freedom Bandana will go towards supporting Transform a Street Dog's Mission.


There are a lot of animals left behind that need shelter and food and and you can join the relief effort.

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