How Should Dogs Wear Bandanas - 4 Ways to Tie On Dog Bandana

How Should Dogs Wear Bandanas - 4 Ways to Tie On Dog Bandana

A bandana and a dog? It’s stylish, fashionable and helps to emphasize the individuality of your pet. We'll show you 5 ways how should a dog wear a bandanaAre you a fan of the Wild West and want your dog to look like a cowboy? Learn how to tie a bandana like a cowboy knot! Do you appreciate minimalism and elegance? Then your choice is over the collar dog bandana. So, read on and think about which style fits your pet best. You will also learn why the color of a bandana is important and how this piece of canine wardrobe can make life easier for you and your pup!

How to Tie a Bandana on a Dog: 5 Ways to Do This

Do you still think there is only one way to tie a bandana? We'll tell you about five and who knows, maybe you'll come up with your own? Because there is no right way to wear a bandana. Creativity is everything here!

Pro tip: whichever method you choose, make sure the bandana is tied loosely ‒ you can put 2 fingers between bandana and dog's neck.


1. The cowboy knot

  1. Fold the bandana in two like a triangle.
  2. Put it around your dog’s neck.
  3. Tie it in a knot on the back.

2 - The basic roll tie


  1. Fold the bandana in two like a triangle.
  2. Roll it until all you have is a thin strip. 
  3. Wrap this around doggo’s neck.

3 - Like a cape


  1. Do the same steps like for the cowboy knot.
  2. Turn the bandana so that the triangle is on the back of the dog and the knot is from the front.

4 - Over the collar dog bandana ‒ the easiest!

  1. You need a special bandana model with a channel at the top. 
  2. Push the collar through the special channel in bandana. 
  3. Put the collar on the dog. 

Now you know how to put a bandana on a dog in many ways. Which one do you like the most? I recommend trying them all!

How to Tie a Dog Bandana ‒ Safety Tips

For the comfort of your four-legged friend, you need to choose the right size. To do this, measure his (her) neck in the widest part. Thanks to this, in the store you can easily choose the size, and the model is a matter of taste (yours or your dog ).

Pay attention that it fits snugly enough to the body, but does not pull together and does not impede the movements. That's all!

And do not forget that a bandana can be useful. This accessory can be applied with a soothing spray if you are traveling. A fluorescent bandana will make your friend more visible at night. On hot days, the bandana can be wetted for a cooling effect.

The color of the bandana matters: green indicates friendliness, yellow ‒  vulnerability (blindness or deafness), red signals that the dog dislikes  communication. You can also put your own logo on the bandana, which will tell more about you and your pet.

So, bandana + dog = fun. The most difficult thing here is to remember the size of your pet's neck. Even a stern Rottweiler with a bandana looks cute and fun. Are you still reading the article and not running to the store for a bandana? How do you tie a dog bandana?

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