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"I Love You So Much" candle is a luxurious creation for dog people. Infused with Petitgrain, Sea Salt, Eucalyptus, and Sandalwood, it balances tranquility with an adept capability to neutralize dog odors. This candle, hand-poured in Austin, TX, offers over 50 hours of refreshing fragrance and encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Austin's street art. A perfect fusion of artisan craftsmanship and pet-friendly luxury for a serene, odor-free living space.

  • Handmade in Austin, TX

  • Natural & Clean

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Crafting Serenity, One Wag at a Time

Natural & Clean

Made with creamy soy wax and natural fragrance oils, this candle is free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe and clean burn.

Long-Lasting Performance

With a burn time of approximately 50 hours, this candle provides a long-lasting aroma to fill your home with calming scents.

Pet Odor Neutralization

Our unique blend of natural fragrance oils not only creates a soothing ambiance but also effectively neutralizes lingering pet odors, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

Hand-Poured and Locally Made

 Each candle is hand-poured in Austin, TX, guaranteeing a product made with love and care, supporting local artisans.

The Viral Dog Candle

This scent is a perfect balance of salty oceanic accords, dark musk, and sandalwood. Its mysterious and light, airy scent will inspire you with its unique essence.

Perfect for dog cuddles.

Top: Petitgrain, Ozone

Middle: Sea Salt, Eucalyptus

Base: Powder, Sandalwood

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